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Formed from the debacle that was the recent pandemic, Perth indie punk outfit The Mess Around were born into a musical climate still reeling from the flow on effects that almost crippled the industry.
As such, the five aspiring musicians vowed to keep their music light, fun and enjoyable, spreading a positive vibe amongst the growing gloom.
With three previous singles under their belt The Mess Around are about to launch their fourth and possibly most catchy tune Still Broke, a song which, as the title suggests, outlines a predicament being faced by far too many of us in the modern age.
HEAVY caught up with guitarist Luca and bass player Cian for a look inside the world of a band who just love to mess around.
"A lot of our music starts out with jams,” Luca explained, “and we were going for a little bit of a surfy vibe. We got into the groove, and I feel like we blended in nicely some harmonic elements as well. It's a little more relaxed than a lot of our stuff that maybe comes across a bit heavier but this one is... we were going for a good vibe song, kind of a beach type vibe, getting down with your mates and down to the beach. We're always down at the beach playing around. In WA there's a bar called the Indie Bar which is right next to the beach, and we are down there all the time. This song gives out that beachy, friendly vibe and we love playing it. It's really great to play on stage."
In the full interview, the boys talk more about Still Broke and what it’s about, a possible future long player, forming during COVID, promoting a new band during that period while not being able to play live, their attitude to music and life, upcoming shows and more.

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