Stoking The Fires With OUTRIGHT

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Australian hardcore heavyweight outfit Outright are living proof that metal can come with a heart.
Driven by a strong sense of ethics, energy and community spirit, Outright may be a ferocious force of nature when playing music but beneath the aggression lies a collection of determined and talented musicians who just so happen to express themselves with a sonic wave of contempt.
Things have been strangely quiet with the band since their critically acclaimed debut album Avalanche in 2014 but all of that is about to change with the release today of their new album Keep You Warm.
Outright have lost none of their punch during their absence, if anything using the time to tighten their vision and better refine their skills.
The band are certainly making up for lost time, and with a hell of a lot more planned for the foreseeable future HEAVY tracked down vocalist Jelena Goluza to catch up on things.
"It's Keep You Warm) more of what Outright is probably already known for,” Goluza said, “that blend of punk energy with the hardcore influences. But what we really love about this album is how we've been able to push out of those boundaries a little bit more. There's a lot more of a metallic influence, there's a bit more melody thrown in, there's a seven and a half minute stoner riff that goes on half way through the album and we've also got a one minute blast beat track that just thrashes through. We're really pushing outside of our boundaries a little bit more on this and pushing the themes. Moving beyond personal experiences to some broader things as well. It's been an amalgamation of a lot of writing and resilience through lockdowns over the last two years and we're just so stoked that we could actually pull it all together."
In the full interview, Jelena tells us more about the musical side of Keep You Warm, what has changed with the band since their debut album, the musical changes brought in, writing and recording through lockdowns, Outright’s early vision and how it has changed, forming their own label Reason and Rage Records, tour plans and more.

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