Super Slamming Around New Territory With KRAANIUM

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Norway is rightfully regarded as one of the premiere birthing stations for death and extreme metal.
Whether it’s the cold that makes people snarl with anger or something in the air will likely never be known, but one thing that can be relied upon is that if you are going to see a band from that part of the world play live then you better b prepared for a high dose of brutality.
Slam metal pioneers Kraanium are set to enforce their musical views upon Australian fans this September, as the band embark on what will be their first ever tour of this country.
Their stage shows are said to be formidable and ferocious, and with fellow destruction machines Organectomy and Inhibitor on the bill things are sure to get intense.
Kraanium vocalist Jack Christensen joined HEAVY to talk about the upcoming run of shows dubbed the Super Slam Brothers Tour.
"To be honest, everything,” he laughed when asked what he was most looking forward to about playing in Australia. “First of all touring has been very shoddy over the last couple of years because of COVID so we really haven't been able to do anything more long term when it comes to tours. We've done weekend shows here and there and stuff like that, but we haven't really done an actual big tour since 2019. We're hell excited to just hang out together, come and see you guys, explore the country, literally everything. I know for most of us, if not all of us, it's gonna be our first time in Australia for any reason.”
In the full interview, Jack tells us how the band will prepare to sonically invade a new country, their live show and what to expect, touring partners Organectomy and Inhibitor, new music and more.

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