The Stage Beckons With EARTH CALLER

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South African death metal visionaries Vulvodynia will be hitting Australian shores this November, off the back of their latest opus 'Praenuntius Infiniti’. Renowned for their flesh-melting and bone-busting death metal peppered with spine-shrinking breakdowns that capture the very crux of heavy music, 'Praenuntius Infiniti’ makes the fourth full-length record in the groups impressive repertoire.
Accompanying them are Melbourne metalcore heavyweights Earth Caller and Brisbane deathcore sensations Babirusa. Teeming with inspiration from wildly distinct genres and artists and with the recent addition of Youtube sensation MISSTIQ, Earth Caller are ravenous to bring their blistering foot stomping mosh-core to their fans across the country.
HEAVY’s CJ Nash caught up with Earth Caller to chat about the shows.

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