Unsolved Mysteries With SOHNELM

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We here at HEAVY love a good mystery, so it was with much trepidation and worry for his personal safety that we sent Jimmy Glinster off to interview new outfit Sohnelm.
Jimmy normally offends the world with his straight up album and live reviews, so to break his interviewing cherry we thought it safer to send him off to interview someone he already knew.
Jimmy’s skinsman from Azreal, Chris Dennis, also hits things for Sohnelm so we sent the Great Big Aussie Mouth off on his merry way to find out even something about these new kids on the block.
Playing what the band describes as hesh dungeon rock or hippy killing dungeon rock, Sohnelm at present have one demo floating around on Soundcloud and that’s all we know…
Join Jimmy as he possibly gets more than he bargained for.
"We wanted to take our musical influences and also look at the state of the world,” offered guitarist/vocalist Matt Power, “and looking back through mythologies and how the worlds been coming to an end as long as it's been here. There's a story that comes out of mythology on that and we wanted to, I guess, take all of those influences so that what comes out is not necessarily one or the other. It takes in different influences with medievil kind of idea. I'm not a religious person but I love the religious stories. They are inspiring."
Jimmy tries to bring us all up to speed by discussing where Sohnelm come from and what they wish to achieve, with Power stonewalling him and giving him tidbits.
"I guess we've moved a little slower than most bands,” he measured. “Two of our members live in Sydney so most of the time it's me and Chris bouncing ideas off each other and slowly working things up into songs. With me not playing guitar in a band before we are getting to the stage where we can present what we've been working on in the best light. We managed to get the first track that we were happy with out of the ones that we had."
Listen to the full interview for full disclosure, with Jimmy using every charm in his arsenal to get to the truth – which he assures me he did.
Who are Sohnelm?
What do they want?
And why are they talking to an album reviewer???

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