Episode 237 - He Did It! The Son Of A B*tch Did It!

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He's back! And she's back! And he's back! Everyone's back and the wrestling world is going crazy! AEW is on one hell of a roll and Tony Kahn is our Santa Claus who has finally gotten us all the gift we've been asking for for the last 7 years! Wonder what else he has for us?! What's next for the "Best in the World"? Will someone challenge him for the claim sooner than later? We know he's signed to AEW, but where else might he appear? Becky is back and wasted no time taking back her title. What's next for the EST of WWE? With Brock back, what side will Paul Heyman find himself on? Does Brock get a new mouthpiece? All this plus Summerslam reactions and NXT TakeOver predictions on Episode 237 of Heel Marks!

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