The Evolution of Automotive Media on the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast

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On this week’s episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, Mike Musto sits down with automotive OGs Ryan Douthit of Driving Sport TV, and Hemmings own Rob Einaudi to discuss how automotive media has change over the last 20 years.

From the first 50-years of traditional print publications, to trade shows like SEMA, to the emergence of automotive television in the early 1980s, then automotive radio, YouTube, Podcasts and now to social media channels like Instagram, TikToc, Facebook and others. The fact is, the world of automotive media is rapidly evolving and in the process, giving us as enthusiasts, attention deficit disorder. This is a fun episode with a group who has been through most of the changes and continues to thrive. Thus, if you’ve ever been interested in how it all happens, grab a seat and tune in!

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