How Finances Have Changed Over Recent Times | HDM 316

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There is no doubt that finances have changed over recent times. If you go back 7 or even 10 years ago you would see a ton of blogs talking about frugality and how to save more money. Over time you started hearing about the Financial Independence Movement (FI/FIRE), more people started doing side hustles and now we have crypto, NFTs, etc.

When I got started I was able to count on one hand the number of Latinos talking about money online: Brittney Castro happens to be one of these people. In this episode, Brittney Castro, a leading personal finance expert, and certified financial planner (CFP) for Mint, shares with us from her lens how finances have changed over recent times.

You will also hear the following in today’s episode:

  • Some examples of how Brittney unlocks lasting money saving habits and enjoys money
  • Why we should pay attention to dedicate some time to financial literacy
  • How do we choose what to focus on to maximize our wealth building efforts
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