The One Thing You Must Do When Facing Hardship | HDM 314

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What is the one decision you made that you continue to question to this day? We have all been in that position facing hardship where we act on emotion or out of desperation.

In this episode, Mayra Rocha, founder of El Dinero Si Importa, an Emmy Award-winning journalist who covers business stories for Univision networks, shares what this one thing is you must do when facing hardship. We also learn how living on the US-Mexico border impacted her money journey and how she navigates the different perceptions about money. She also shares the one money decision she still questions herself till today and how she faced it.

What you'll learn about in today's episode:

  • How different was the perceptions of money in living in the border between Tijuana México and San Diego
  • The moment when she found herself facing hardship and why she continues to question her decision to this day.
  • Her most effective way to destigmatize money for our community
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