Childless: A Woman’s Journey Through Life Without Children

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childless-a-woman-s-journey-through-life-without-childrenAcross the globe, millions of women are reaching their mid-forties without having had a child. Although some are child-free by choice, many others are childless by circumstance and are struggling in a life they didn't foresee.
Most people think that women without children either "couldn't" or "didn't want to" be mothers. The truth is much more complex. Jody Day would have liked to have had children, but it didn't work out that way. At the age of 44, she realized that her quest to be a mother was at an end. She presumed that she was through the toughest part, but over the next couple of years, she was hit by waves of grief, despair, and isolation. Eventually, she found her way and created the Gateway Women Network, helping many thousands of women worldwide.
In this episode, Jody shares her perspective and tips for grieving your childless life, dealing with the stigma that surrounds women who aren't mothers, why we're seeing more childless and childfree women, and growing older without children.

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