#155. Bess Matassa on Astrology & 2022

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Bess Matassa is a modern day mystic. She uses both astrology and tarot as languages that can help bring us back to the selves we already are. Bess also has a PhD, and I mention that because you can tell she brings this same academic and inquisitive lens to her mystical work, which is one of the reasons why I think I really resonate with her message, which feels very grounded to me. You can tell she knows what she is talking about, and I didn’t hold back from throwing her all my random questions.

This is a deep dive into the invitations that are available to us in the years ahead, but also so much more. We touch on:

– What has been happening in the stars in the last two years

– What are the invitations available to us in 2022

– What the moon cycles can offer us

– What on earth retrogrades actually are

– And the elements of fate vs. free will and how they interact with astrology

Bess is running a 12-month immersive astrological experience, where she will take you through astrology and the calendar year. You can sign up for that up until Dec 21st 2021 > http://thestarparlor.com/course

Bess is also generously offering all Here to Thrive listeners 20% off a Full Astro & Tarot Reading before the end of 2021! Use the code COSMICTHRIVE at checkout here >> http://thestarparlor.com/shop/birth-chart-reading

We’re also talking about her new book with the Numinous: The Numinous Cosmic Year. This is part almanac and part astro planner. You can find that here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1783254335?ref=exp_kate.snowise_dp_vv_d

Finally, you can work with Bess one on one. Find out more by heading to: www.thestarparlor.com

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