#157. Cassandra Bodzak on Manifesting through Meditation

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Cassandra Bodzak is a best-selling author, spiritual guide and the host of the podcast Divine Downloads. She helps women all over the world who want to make peace with their bodies, quiet their minds and reconnect with their souls.

In this episode, we really dive into how we can bring the things we desire into our lives. As Cassandra says, we're all manifesting all the time, but how do we do it consciously? This episode answers those questions.

Specifically we cover:

  • How deeper body mindfulness can be a path to deeper spirituality
  • How we can divinely design our lives
  • The two paths to manifesting - either following our intuition or consciously creating desires
  • The importance of belief in bringing our desires towards us
  • Why the Law of Attraction alone is not enough

  • The 4 phases of manifesting, and how we can move ourselves through those.
  1. Connecting to the truth of who we are
  2. Clearing resistance
  3. Embody the feelings and frequency of what we desire
  4. Take Co-Creative Action

Too learn more about Cassandra, and her signature program, Divinely Designing Your Life, head to www.cassandrabodzak.com

You can find Manifesting through Meditation here >>


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