#159. Heather Chauvin: How to Lead Your Life & Feel Alive

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Heather is a TEDx Speaker, Author of Dying To Be A Good Mother and host of a highly loved Podcast “Emotionally Uncomfortable” formally known as "Mom is in Control." Heather Chauvin is a leadership coach who helps successful women who are ready to courageously and authentically live, work and parent on their own terms.

In this episode, Heather shares her journey with cancer and how she was quite literally, dying to be a good mother. That is also the title of her first book which you can find here: Dying to be a Good Mother on Amazon

In this episode we're talking about:

  • Going from learned helplessness to helping herself
  • How Heather didn't want to become a statistic after becoming a mom at 18
  • Her journey with Stage 4 cancer, and what it taught her about being alive
  • How we can approach our life through the view of energetic time management
  • How she has been able to successfully find her way on her entrepreneurial journey and create a sustainable business

To learn more about Heather, you can visit her website: www.heatherchauvin.com

To find home for the Here to Thrive podcast, visit us over here > www.heretothrive.com

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