#162. Is the Universe Testing You?

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If Life is a School, then ultimately we're here to learn lessons. And how do we know if we've mastered a lesson? The Universe inevitably has to offer us a test. So how can we check in with ourselves and work out with we're facing tests or opportunities?

In this episode, Kate goes over three "rules for life" that are from Dr. Cherie Carter Scott. She then offers three areas of inquiry from Lacy Phillips (from To Be Magnetic) that can help us really check in with ourselves and see whether we're facing a test, an opportunity or possibly even a bridge to the future we desire.

You can listen to Lacy Phillips from the Expanded podcast episode which inspired this episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/expanded-podcast-by-to-be-magnetic/id1419732648?i=1000549256028

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