#164. Are You Heading in the Wrong Direction in Life?

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In this episode we are asking the question - How Do You Know if You're Heading in the Wrong Direction in Life? What are the signs you can rely on, and how can you check in with yourself to see if you re-route.

Host, Kate Snowise, talks about having to go-back on a recent decision about a direction she was hell-bent on taking. She talks about going through three phases:

  • Realizing that she was being called to check-in after seeing signs and obstacles on her path
  • Opening up to possibility
  • Before exploring and tuning in with yourself to work out if she was on the right path

Kate offers some questions that she asked herself. These are:

  • What particular needs or values are driving this decision deep down? (What needs of mine are being met here?)
  • How do I want to feel deep down? Is this taking me closer to that?
  • What advice would my higher-self have for me right now?

Journalling on these questions helped Kate identify that she need to re-route and adjust course, moving away from a vision she had in her head and onto another path. As she notes, this was uncomfortable, but once she had explored and tuned-in, she could be at peace with her decision and see the longer term implications it would bring with it.

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