HNT 256: Chairman Meow. House of the Dragon. The Boys. The Sandman. The Floaty Space Man. The DART Astroid Mission. Hunter S. Thompson and the Nixon Trump Dystopia.

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This show is in memory of Chairman Meow. I’m scared I’ll never love any animal as much as I loved that mean grey cat. There is a kitty shaped hole in my heart.

I’ve been loving television lately, and picking the shows. We both liked The Sandman. Hank liked The Boys until the end, and I think he’s only putting up with House of the Dragon because I’m utterly obsessed.

We’ve enjoyed some ambient music from YouTube. The floating astronaut is amazing. It’s devolved into “floaty spaceman” here.

NASA says not to worry, but they’re trying to change the trajectory of an astroid. So don’t look up but there’s a Double Astroid Redirecting Test going on.

Hank is a big history reader, and he’s reading Hunter S. Thompson’s articles written during the Nixon era. It’s good to know that things have been this crazy before.

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