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HIRED! The Podcast features the most brilliant hiring minds in the business to discuss how companies can better build their hiring brand and how candidates can successfully market themselves. Through incredible industry insight, we discuss the current state of hiring and where it's going.
In this episode, Travis and his guest, Michael "Sully" Sullivan, discuss AI and other technological advancements they're seeing at industrial automation events. Why is it important to attend trade shows and conventions related to your industry? As a recruiter, how do you prepare for attending these events? What new technology will 2023 bring us? Through their conversation, Travis and Sully answer all of these questions and more.
Michael Sullivan is a Senior Account Executive at Miller Resource Group. Currently, he leads business development and recruiting efforts for the factory automation, motion control, robotics, machine vision, and AI industries. Over the years, he has built several strong and lasting relationships with manufacturers, custom machine builders, system integrators, and high-tech/value add distributors. Sully has also been an active member of the Association for Advancing Automation since 2016.
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