Hope and the Value of Human Life–with Liz Tolsma

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Bestselling author Liz Tolsma loves writing, research, and editing. Her first novel was a double award finalist. On any given day, you might find her pulling weeds in her perennial garden, walking her hyperactive dog, or curled up with a good book. In this episode, we talked about her passion to share the joy that children with intellectual disabilities can bring to the world. She told about her journey as a mother of a child with microcephaly. She also shared why she keeps writing books about World War Two. Her latest book, A Picture of Hope, released October 1. Here's the description of A Picture of Hope: Journalist Nellie Wilkerson has spent the bulk of the war in London, photographing mothers standing in milk lines—and she’s bored. She jumps at the chance to go to France, where the Allied forces recently landed. There she enlists Jean-Paul Breslau of the French underground to take her to the frontlines. On the journey, they stumble upon a great tragedy, leaving a girl with special needs being orphaned. Can Nellie and Jean-Paul see the child to a safe haven while being pursued by the Nazis, who are pressed by the advancing Allies and determined to destroy all they can before they flee? Purchase A Picture of Hope on Amazon (affiliate). Purchase A Picture of Hope on Bookshop (affiliate). Sign up for Liz's newsletter on her website. Check out Liz's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also mentioned: Liz's podcast: Christian Historical Fiction Talk. The French actor and mime Marcel Marceau. Split-Time or Time-Slip author Melanie Dobson. Join the Historical Fiction: Unpacked Podcast Group on Facebook! Be sure to visit my Instagram, Facebook, and website. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click them and make a purchase, you help support my work without paying any more for the product. Thank you for your support!

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