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Wisdom comes from other people.

Comedian, musician and double bass playing troubadour Grant Sharkey, endlessly travels the UK. Meeting wonderful minds in all walks of life that he learns from.

Each episode focuses on one such person in Grant's sphere that brings something new, a travelog of where he is at the moment, a little current affairs and comedy, plus some music from the back catalogue, guests or from future releases.

The aim of this podcast is to look to others to help define ourselves - we'll meet musicians, clowns, political rivals, spiritual gurus and super-regular extraordinary individuals all of whom have something important to say, whether they know it or not.

Hobo - traveling worker.

Sapien - wise.


Grant Sharkey is on a mission to write, record, release and tour an album every 6 months for a period of 20 years. At the time of writing he's 14 albums in to the project. He's played everywhere from living rooms to Glastonbury Festival. He's taken a show to the Edinburgh Fringe (Trollbadour) and won 4 stars from Three Weeks. He's supported Beans on Toast, The Lounge Kittens, Skindred, Andrew O'Neill, Electric 6 and The Wurzels to name a few. In 2019 he met with Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin and asked him 3 questions that Tim couldn't answer.

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