How to Heal and Prevent Common Childhood Illnesses Using Integrative Pediatrics with Dr. Sheila Kilbane - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #265

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Did you know that making relatively small changes to your child’s diet can have huge impacts on their health?

On this episode of the podcast I’m joined by one of the country’s top pediatricians specializing in integrative medicine. Her practice combines the best of Western Medicine and holistic medicine to provide a refreshing approach to the health of our children.

We’ll discuss such fascinating topics as the role of dairy in our children’s diet, what supplements our kids should be taking, how inflammation impacts so many childhood ailments, and much more. It’s an approach to pediatric medicine that all parents should be aware of.

Please join me and board-certified integrative pediatrician Dr. Sheila Kilbane as we reveal How to Healand Prevent Common Childhood Illnesses.


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