Episode 60: Why Learning About Your Nervous System Might Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do (solo episode)

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In this solo episode, I...

  • discuss why the health of our nervous systems is one of the most overlooked aspects of healthcare and mental healthcare
  • share how I chased chronic and mysterious symptoms with supplements, restricted diets, celery juice, designer probiotics, gut health, and more... and got nowhere
  • discuss why I believe the brain and Autonomic Nervous System are the "Holy Grail" of health, not just the gut
  • talk about unlocking our medical mysteries by understanding and healing our nervous systems
  • explain what the Autonomic Nervous System is, what it does, and how our bodies let us know when it's not functioning properly
  • discuss why my diagnoses (GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Chronic Insomnia) are completely meaningless when viewed through the lens of the nervous system
  • explain why "mental health" should be renamed to "nervous system health"
  • share why talk therapy and CBT aren't effective at regulating the nervous system and reducing the chronic and mysterious symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system
  • explain why our bodies do not need us to micromanage them
  • tell listeners why I threw away over $1,000 in supplements in August of 2020
  • share why nervous system work is actually faster, safer, cheaper, and easier than taking medications or supplements

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