Ayo Obileye: "I'll give my heart for the Nigerian People. I want to represent my country"

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Livingston FC defender, Ayomide Stephen Obileye sits with AyoT to discuss his football journey, the 2021/2022 season, and his aspirations to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria one day.
0:00 Intro
0:24 Where are you from in Nigeria ?
0:40 Where did you grow up ?
0:54 It was always football
2:04 First Pro Contract
2:35 How did you stay motivated ?
3:20 Who were your heroes ?
3:58 Becoming a defender
4:40 Playing in lower divisions
5:14 Playing in the Scottish Prem
5:47 Highlight of the 21/22 season
6:15 Lessons learned
6:55 Fav Nigerian Food
7:08 The Super Eagles
7:40 Quickfire questions
8:25 Would you Rather ?
9:00 Message to Nigerians

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