14. Juliet, Naked, The Believer (2001), and A League of Their Own

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It's here. It's now. This week we discuss a film that proves rom-coms can still work with Juliet, Naked. You just have to make them a little indie! We also get dark again with an early Ryan Gosling role in The Believer, but don't worry, Baby Goose never disappoints. Plus, we talk about the ridiculous uniforms they made women wear in the Women's Baseball League in the perfect movie, A League of Their Own. Ah, we didn't even talk about how stupid it was that they made them go to charm school in order to play! Oh, well. Grab your batting helmet because batter up! Hear that call! The time has come for one and all to plaaaaay baaaaaall.....and listen to this podcaaaaast.....

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