Facts and myths for children common cold | बच्चो का सर्दी जुकाम |home remedy|homeopathic treatment

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facts and myths for children common cold ,common cold homeopathic medicine ,बच्चो का सर्दी जुकाम बुखार दो घंटे में दूर करे कैसे? facts and myths for children common cold,homeopathic treatment for child common cold Its Is a very simple disease,this start from a mucous layer of the nasal septum, Cause- cold exposure, water exposure, wet wear a long time, weather change, influenza virus, coronavirus, facts and myth 1. Feed in a cold, starve a fever- myth- when a child is unwell we stop the feeding by the mother, shee things that baby will be more detoriate than now, but its wrong, during this unwell condition baby basic metabolic rate of the baby is high, baby demand is more calories, to recover faster, rather we should restrict the food we should giving the food, that time if you doing more feed to the child, it will more hydrate the baby – continue feeding the child, warm liquid food, warm water, and some honey mixed with warm water, it will soothing the layer of child's throat because when nose are blocked,baby wants breath through the mouth, that’s why throat is more dry , so this warm liquid will more helpful for that, dryness of the throat is the strongest trigger of the cough, 2. Don’t feed your baby milk during the cold:-myth- people think that if mothers milk baby milk harmful during the cold, but actually mother milk must give to the child during cold because it will more effective during child cold, that child has more allergy to the milk then artificial or any cowmilk will effect diarrhoea, vomiting then cold, so best thing is please give only mother milk to the child, in case of up to 6th month of baby, 3. Don’t give fruits to your child during cold:-myths-citrus fruits like sweet lemon-orange, should be avoided during cold, 4. Cough syrup- cough is a protective reflex, so don’t suppress it with the syrup, the syrup can give immediate relief but suppress the cough effects deeper to the lung, we are the homoeopath try to clear the chest by giving medicine, it will give relief the child to take breast milk very easily, only use saline drop to the child to clear the nose 5. Stream inhalation is better for cold and cough?- myth- it might work on the adult but not so many bad effects on children because parents are more difficult to identify that it's allergic cough or infectious cough. if it’s an allergic cough then light lukewarm water is a trigger of child cough, so that case it's harmful to the child so you can only 4 things do- rest, voice rest, warm liquid plant and nasal saline drop 6. Running Vicks on the chest to get rid of a cold? Myths- does not help the child in cold cough, Vicks vapour its a strong smell, children who have allergic cough this strong smell can cause more cough and cold 7. An antibiotic can cure a cold? Myth – you first understand that most of the cold and cough are seasonal and viral, antibiotic has no role in the allergic and viral case, if you take antibiotics for the child it will cause the diarrhoea, vomiting and other complication may constipation occur 8. Taking multivitamins and supplements can prevent the flu? Myth- iron calcium and zinc and many more, iron dose do not allow calcium to be absorbed, calcium does not allow zinc to be absorbed, and zinc does not allow the iron to be absorbed, at end of the day nothing is absorbed, so why u use multivitamin- the most think is vitamin d, if vitamin d is low that child can face recurrent cold and cough, supplemented by vitamin do only it will more affect the child 9. A child is not contagious after symptoms appear? myth- yes it happens and you must protect from other children and adults in your house 10. When I will be ready for visiting a doctor in case of a cold and cough?-

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