24: Jenny Gorelick & Lida Darmian Can See Dead People

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Jenny Gorelick and Lida Darmian (The Women's Alliance podcast) join Colby and Amir to discuss how to survive the first round of reality show elimination, the logistics of dating 50 people at once, and why the hottest type of comedy is musical comedy.
Plus, Part 2 of Colby's novel about the internet, a Love Letter from Allison Kilkenny, and more!
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The crown jewel of Netflix's 2020-2021 season is, indeed, Bridgerton. The streamer released its internal viewer ratings for the Shondaland romance-drama and announced it has become its biggest series ever.
Within the first 28 days since Bridgerton premiered on Netflix Dec. 25, the show has hit a record of 82 million households around the world. Similar to past Netflix ratings, the 82 million households comprise 82 million Netflix accounts that chose to watch at least two minutes of Bridgerton in that time period. Even if there are multiple individual user profiles within one account that watched more than two minutes of the first season multiple times, Netflix only counts that as one household view.
(Per Entertainment Weekly)

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