COMMENTARY: Scream 2 (1997)

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Happy Halloween from HoopleCast! Claire and Brad, on loan from the podcast Sassy Sewer-Lion Boutique, join Matt for our final commentary of the year. Our friend Timmy O. stars in the horror sequel Scream 2: Secret of the Ooze (1997) as a pretentious film student (redundant) who is out to terrorize Canadian Neve Campbell and her circle of forty-year old college friends. And if you're upset that I just spoiled who the killer was, admit that you were never going to watch this anyway because if you were you would have done so by now. Also be grateful that I spared you the sight of David Arquette's mustache. | Tags: Halloween Horror Nights, Here Comes the PC Police, Always a Stall, What Tipper Gore World Is This, Back to Neutral, America's Sweetheart Jerry O'Connell, Murderer Coming Through Excuse Me, Red Apple Versus Green Apple Fight, This Is Not Fun This Is Upsetting, Diane Sawyer Boner, Increase Mather, Floor Pizza, She's a Local Woman She's Got Local Strength, What Do Theater Students Know About Anything (Absolutely Fucking Nothing), All This Happened Because of Her Whore Mother | VIDEO VERSION: | Send feedback to Find our recording schedule, show notes, discussion threads, and more at | Recorded: October 12, 2019. Released: October 31, 2019. [Warning: Explicit Language.]

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