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Oasis: a place for refuge, safe place, and shelter. It is where we want people to be seen, to feel safe, and to be heard.
And that’s what our neighborhood grocery podcast, the Hope Dealers Podcast, is all about!
We want to give hope and help people find out their own unique purpose and voice; creating a safe space for every person or group to discuss just about anything. A podcast that corrects systematic divides by growing a whole new world of opportunities for each individual.
Coming out fresh from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hope Dealers was started by AJ Johnson, owner and a serial entrepreneur of Oasis Fresh Market & its non-profit, Oasis Projects. Oasis is a black-owned grocery store serving the neighborhood of North Tulsa, home of Black Wall Street. Oasis Fresh Market aims to reduce barriers for the community residents to have access to healthy food choices in a place that has been dubbed as a ‘food desert.’ And Hope Dealers is the perfect avenue for people that might be in need of encouragement, excitement, & even some tears for growth. Oasis Fresh Market aims to be more than just groceries, but equips people for life!
So follow, like, and subscribe to the Hope Dealers Podcast episodes as AJ Johnson features more surprising guests and tells us more life transformation stories.
Website: https://www.aaronjohnson.org/

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