He had Faith To Be Made Whole

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He had Faith To Be Made Whole

Acts 14:7 There they (Paul and Barnabus) preached the Good News.

8 At Lystra a certain man sat, impotent in his feet, a cripple from his mother’s womb, who never had walked. 9 He was listening to Paul speaking, who, fastening eyes on him, and seeing that he had faith to be made whole, 10 said with a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet!” He leaped up and walked.

There was a man listening to Paul preach who had been a cripple from birth.

He was hearing the gospel being preached. What was the result? He had faith to be made whole. Meaning, in this case, to be healed and able to walk.

Remember Romans 10:17, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

He had faith. Paul, as revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, saw this man had faith, and not just any faith, it was faith to be healed.

For this man to have faith to be healed, Paul had to have included healing as he preached the goodness of Jesus Christ.

He had faith to be healed but wasn’t healed. The problem was just what it says in James Chapter 2 says faith without works is dead. The Amplified Bible says faith without works is, “inactive and ineffective and worthless”.

This crippled man’s faith to be whole was inactive and therefore ineffective.

Paul saw he had faith and told him to do something. He told him to act on his faith and stand.

I would think that a crippled man may spend time wanting to stand but doesn’t really have the thought, “I believe I will stand up.” But, at this moment, that’s exactly what he did.

Let’s summarize what happened.

Paul preached the Good News of Christ. A crippled man decided to listen. As a result, he had faith to be made well but was still at this point a cripple. He chose to act on his faith and the result was a miracle. A Healing. A cripple man can now walk.

What is our take away?

We must be where we can hear the Word, even if it’s just making time to read it yourself.

We must choose to believe what we are hearing and we must choose to act on it.

Then we trust God for the outcome.

Tim Dumas

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