The AFD - Episode 17 Rosie Ginday MBE - Founder Of Miss Macaroon

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This week Chris talks to Rosie Ginday MBE, Founder of Miss Macaroon
Miss Macaroon was set up in 2011 with just one team member, a small kitchen space, £500, and a whole load of determination. They are now one of Birmingham’s most well-renowned social enterprise companies.
Rosie & her team reinvest 100% of their profits into helping unemployed young people gain skills that will help to change their lives. They are on a mission to bake a brighter future.
During the episode, Chris & Rosie discuss how Rosie's background in fine art & then becoming a Chef led her to form the business after experiencing watching kids learning about food in Taiwan. After redesigning the afternoon tea menu whilst working at the Hyatt in Birmingham, her Macaroon obsession was born!
Rosie realised that the simplicity behind making the buttercream for her Macaroons would allow entry-level skill sets to join her business and then develop through the business.
Rosie has been helping young adults get career-ready now for 10 years from all walks of life, her passion is to watch people grow through work & through creativity, and the results have been fantastic.
Her "Macaroons that make a difference " course is not only training up young people to improve their prospects both socially & professionally but now is employing after the program has ended.
It's a great story and all of these amazing young people going through the program have been funded by you the macaroon buying customer...
Circular economy at its best!

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