Show Your Work Featuring Conner Habib

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Prostitution, phone sex, porn, stripping, pro-domination. Sex work is a diverse range of professions united by sex, money, and stigma. And as a consequence of the stigma, we hear a lot about sex work but we rarely hear from sex workers themselves.

But in this episode of Hot Mic hosted by Dan Savage, two sex workers show their work. "Humiliatrix" Ceara Lynch shares the story, originally performed at the Mystery Box Show, of how she got started in her line of work and how she managed to tell her dad. We also feature a funny, revealing interview between Dan Savage and porn star, writer, and activist Conner Habib.

In each episode of Hot Mic with Dan Savage, relationship expert and columnist Dan Savage showcases and provides commentary on the best true stories about sex and relationships from live storytelling shows across the country.

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