Jesper Koll on Tokyo Residential Real Estate

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Recorded during a special Housing Japan seminar held at the Tokyo American Club on July 4th, 2017, noted expert Jesper Koll discusses Tokyo real estate and the Japanese economy. Jesper Koll has been investing in Japan since becoming a resident in 1986. In July 2015, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of WisdomTree Japan. Over the past two decades, Jesper has been consistently ranked as one of the top Japan strategists/economists, having worked as Chief Strategist and Head of Research for major U.S. investment banks J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. His analysis and insights have earned him a position on several Japanese government and corporate advisory committees. In late-2016, Governor Koike's appointed Jesper to her Tokyo Financial Center Advisory Board. He is also one of the few non-Japanese members of the Keizai Doyukai, the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. He has written three books in Japanese, Towards a New Japanese Golden Age, The End of Heisei Deflation, and the recently published "Japan's Economy - The Envy of the World”

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