8. Housing Journal Podcast - Part 2 - May 2020

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Special Two-Part Episode on COVID-19 and housing: PART 2 Beth Watts reports on how the editorial approach at Housing Studies is changing to recognise the impacts of the pandemic. We also hear reports from two leading homelessness scholars: 1) Cameron Parsell from the University of Queensland reflects on the ways that COVID-19 is impacting people experiencing homelessness; and 2) Peter Mackie from Cardiff University considers what countries in the global north might learn from post-conflict and post-crisis recovery in the global south. Julie Lawson at Housing Theory and Society sits down with: 1) Tim Blackwell from Uppsala University, 2) Edwin Buitelaar from Utrecht University on the role of housing in post-pandemic recovery; and 3) Jago Dodson at RMIT in Australia on role of social housing as economic stimulus. Subscribe to the podcast: itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/housi…d1442996022?mt=2 Follow us on Twitter: @IJHPEditors for the International Journal of Housing Policy @HousingJournal for Housing Studies @HousingTheory for Housing Theory and Society

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