Guaranteed Rate’s Shant Banosian on becoming the nation's top loan originator

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This week, Guaranteed Rate’s Shant Banosian, the nation’s No. 1 loan originator, joins the Housing News Podcast to discuss how he became the company’s first loan officer to fund $1 billion in loan volume in one year, as well as the future of the U.S mortgage market.

During the interview, Banosian explains how he’s generated more than $4 billion in loans over the course of his decade-long career, as well as how Guaranteed Rate weathered the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some background on Banosian, here’s a summary of HousingWire’s latest article on his achievement:

Over the last five years, Shant has been Guaranteed Rate’s No. 1 loan officer nationwide, as well as the top producer in Massachusetts since 2013.Banosian told HousingWire that the key to his success is his team, and focusing on what consumers need and want.

“It’s one of those cliches: you don’t want to just work in the business, you need to work on the business,” Banosian said. “We’re constantly working on our business and taking feedback from our clients trying to understand what it is that our clients and our partners want, how to constantly be forward-thinking in terms of staying ahead of the competition and figuring out ways to be more efficient.”

Not only are Banosian and his team having a record-setting year, so is Guaranteed Rate, as it funded double the total loan volume compared to the same time last year. Just in August, the company locked down $12 billion in loan volume, breaking its record for one month.

The Housing News Podcast is a weekly wrap of the top news stories by HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler. Each week, HousingWire interviews financial services experts who can help make sense of the latest headlines, sponsored by our partners at Freddie Mac.

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