34. Burnout

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We live in a culture where burnout is the norm. Depression, aggression, and fear are all symptoms of burnout, and oftentimes these lead to physical symptoms–headaches, stomachaches, intestinal issues, etc. So what do you do when experiencing burnout?

The secret is to do something. For some, it may be to acknowledge you’re in burnout and talk to someone about it. For others, it may be to go on a walk. The point is to do something different with your routine, maybe even find a different hobby. But Nina takes it one step further, what if you’re a parent in burnout?

Join Nina & Anna on today’s episode as they describe what you may be going through with a roadmap to lead you in the right direction.

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Topics Covered:

  • Parents in burnout
  • Living in a culture that promotes burnout
  • Ways to relieve burnout
  • Emotional and physical symptoms of burnout
  • Difference between burnout and depression

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