35. Forgiveness

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Forgiving others is a difficult emotional process. For Nina, it presents itself as anger; for Anna, it’s triggering. We all carry it with us and over time it can lead to physical ailments as much as burnout or resentment. Only you can give yourself closure and only you can do the work, however far back it may go.

It’s not about the other person or the apology you most likely will not receive. It’s about giving yourself space to understand where your feelings originate and how you can best navigate the moment(s). You may find yourself where Anna did at Delphi, forgiving others means first, forgiving herself–and that’s even more difficult.

Join Nina and Anna as they unpack the grievances they live with and the healing they’ve experienced in choosing to forgive those who have harmed them. Call back your energy and let’s do some “real-life meditation.”

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Topics Covered:

  • What is forgiveness
  • Forgiveness and the health benefits that come from it
  • Repairing emotional fractures
  • The feeling of total, full body forgiveness
  • The difficulty in forgiving others and forgiving yourself

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