Episode 131 Victoria Searl DataHawks

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Less so someone’s journey through hospitality this week, and more of a deep dive into a topic I hope hope you will find useful. Today I’m chatting to Victoria Searl, founder of Data Hawks.

I’m fairly techie and I’ve found it frustrating over the years seeing the potential of data in the hospitality sector. Cleary unlike for example selling double glazing, we operate in a social space where people often want to hear from us. Where guests are happy to take photos and share them to social media, where they are happy to check in and arrange to meet friends. And whereby perhaps sharing data on birthdays, or dietary preferences or working patterns to help fill quieter times of the week are all things the customer is happy to share, since they actually want to hang out with us. So with a potential positive relationship with data, the consumer and the business I wanted to explore what is actually possible, is it easy, is it hard, are we doing all we can and what should we do with the information we collate. Victoria has held a number of senior marketing positions in well known brands, as well as an operational career in hospitality.

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