#99: Health, Liberty and Happiness Are for All Sizes With Ragen Chastain

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Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, trained researcher, multi-certified health and fitness professional, and thought leader in Weight Science, Weight Stigma, and Weight-Neutral Health.

On the podcast, Ragen shares her discovery that diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss. She shares the pivotal moment when she knew she couldn’t just be a fat dancer, she had to be a fat activist, why healthism can’t ever excuse fatphobia, how diet culture has hijacked health and healthcare, the history of BMI, and why we all need to challenge the assumption that poor health has to do with being in a big body.

Ragen is a national dance champion, triathlete, and marathoner who holds the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Woman to Complete a Marathon, and co-founded the Fit Fatties Facebook group which has over 11,000 members. Ragen lives in LA with her fiancée Julianne and their two adorable dogs.

Connect with Ragen here.

Instagram: @RagenChastain

Facebook: @RagenChastain

Twitter: @DancesWithFat

YouTUbe: @DancesWithFat

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