#88: Gentle Nutrition for Women in Midlife with Jenn Salib Huber

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Dr. Jenn Salib Huber is on a mission to properly educate women in midlife about what’s happening in their bodies during perimenopause so they can navigate a new relationship with food.

On the podcast, we talked about Jenn’s four pillars of how she educates and empowers clients, which include the science of what’s happening in their bodies, self-compassion, attunement and gentle nutrition. Jenn also shares the importance of maintaining muscle during midlife and offers some ideas on how to do this.

She also offers some gentle nutrition suggestions which include how to add in protein and a reminder that carbs don’t cause weight gain.

Learn more about Jenn here: www.jennsalibhuber.ca

Social media handles: IG - @menopause.nutritionist Twitter - @themidlifefeast

Check out Beyond the Scale membership here- https://www.intuitivenutrition.ca/BeyondTheScaleSignup

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