Episode #13 - Corporate - Matt Tomamichel

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On this episode, I sit down at Streetside Brewery in historic Columbia Tusculum w/ Matt Tomamichel, the Owner of Corporate – Cincinnati’s premier sneaker & clothing shop. Not only is Matt the owner of Corporate, but he is also an accomplished designer, a giving philanthropist w/ his Bigger Than Sneakers non-profit, & just a helluva guy w/ some just inspiring & positive vibes. It was a pleasure to talk to Matt & listen to his come-up story while enjoying some cold Streetside brews.

Corporate is located in Hyde Park & is known by sneakerheads across the country. However, creating such a successful business wasn’t the only goal for Matt. Although his 2nd store recently opened w/ immediate hype & success in Indianapolis…that didn’t seem to be what made him tick. Throughout our conversation you could see how excited he got when he talked about seeing people come up, or mentioning the pride he has in his team, or describing BTS – his Bigger Than Sneakers non-profit. It was those things, or the mentioning of his family, supporters, coaches, & mentors who were by his side & encouraging him & teaching him game along his journey to success that really lit him up. I could feel his energy when he described these people & things & it was obvious he was genuinely grateful for all of them.

Like all real hustlers, he ‘s been humbled by failures & learned to embrace the lessons they leave in their wake. He respects the game, too, as he gets excited to see others shine & shows love to his community & empathy & compassion to those less fortunate. His climb to his current level of success makes perfect sense when he lays it out, but it was a grind the whole way & he deserves every ounce of success that he’s earned. This dude is the truth & I’m excited for you to hear this interview. I hope you finish this & are as fired up as I was.

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