Is TeleHealth Here to Stay?

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Tonya L. Breaux-Shropshire, PhD, DNP, FNP, MPH. Is TeleHealth Here to Stay?
We are working hard on improving the quality of the podcast to provide more value to you on a weekly basis. Much more to come soon!😀
Click here if you need a telehealth appointment with a certified medical doctor (not an affiliate link).
Read about Vitamins D and K's effect on blood pressure here. *Vitamin D HOME TESTING KIT here (levels here)

Ask your doctor about any of the following vitamins or supplements:
Vitamin C with rose hips, Zinc, D3 & K2, Magnesium or this one, B complex, and NAC.
Hi, I'm Dr. Tonya Breaux-Shropshire, a clinical research scientist who shares everything about hypertension and trending health topics so you can get good blood pressure control and be well. You can read my work HERE. My most recent work can be found here.
Keith C. Ferdinand, MD
Jin, M. X., Kim, S. Y., Miller, L. J., Behari, G., & Correa, R. (2020). Telemedicine: Current Impact on the Future. Cureus, 12(8), e9891.

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Intro by Mr. Willie Breaux, Jr.
Disclaimer: This podcast is not medical advice, consult your health care provider.

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