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Latest Omicron update. Omicron is spreading rapidly all over the world, and it's about 3 times as contagious as Delta. In this episode, I share clips from experts to tell us the status and what they know so far.
COVID Rick Calculator
Update: CDC recommends booster after at least 5 months for Pfizer & Moderna and after at least 2 months for J&J.
Click here if you want to know Does N95 protect against covid-19?
Protect yourself and your family with these actions: Wear your mask (N-95 or surgical-not as protective) routinely, get your booster 6 months after full vaccination (2 months after J&J) get tested if infected (1-2 days before getting with others outside your household and after exposure), and get vaccinated if not done yet.
Of note: Two of the three Monoclonal antibody brands might not be effective against Omicron.
The Blood Pressure Solution
Take one minute a day to track your health using the COVID-19 ZOE app HERE
Track your blood pressure HERE
YouTube video:
**Get these 3M N95 masks to better protect against COVID variants and any other highly transmissible variant at my affiliated link: small or regular sizes
Click here if you need a telehealth appointment with a certified medical doctor.
*Vitamin D HOME TESTING KIT here (levels here)
Thyroid disease information here

Ask your doctor about any of the following vitamins or supplements that could potentially reduce severe COVID symptoms:
Vitamin C with rose hips, Zinc, D3 & K2, Magnesium or this one, B complex, and NAC.
Hi, I'm Dr. Tonya Breaux-Shropshire, a clinical research scientist who shares everything about hypertension and trending health topics so you can get good blood pressure control. You can read my work HERE.

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