A Dead-Simple System for Handling Receipts for Artists

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Did you know that sorting receipts is a waste of your time? In this episode, I teach you a super simple system to keep your receipts organized without ever having to sort them. I also help you understand what receipts are actually for, so you don't waste any extra time on them.

I'm Hannah Cole. I've been a professional painter for over 15 years, and I am also a tax pro and the founder of Sunlight Tax. If you like easy, actionable tips like the ones I share in this episode, I have something for you: The 4 Step System to Put Your Taxes on Autopilot and Grow Your "Freedom Fund" is a free class where artists can learn (from a fellow artist, who is also a tax pro) the 4 mistakes that creative people make that stops them from easily managing their money, plus my 4-step system to getting your money on track and growing your "freedom fund." The class is a little over an hour, tells some great stories, and will leave you feeling more confident. It is available on-demand. Go to go.sunlighttax.com/register

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