Ashnikko on throwing MORE parties, making friends at shows, being a DIY KING, rewatching TWILIGHT!

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Ashnikko calls in to talk to Shannon Burns about the trials and tribulations of raising a dog, throwing MORE parties, and getting bronchitis at the end of their most recent tour.

Ashnikko talks about the highs and lows of creativity, and not being too hard on yourself on the less than creative days.

Ashnikko talks about how being the DIY King helped lead their creativity,

Ashnikko tells us about their love of the Twilight movies, their epic rewatch, and how crazy those movies really were.

Ashnikko talks about being a perfectionist with their music, and always wanting to give new meanings to their music.

Ashnikko gives thoughts on Sex and the City - and how SO MUCH of it wouldn't fly in 2021

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