The Other Side of Saying Yes: Monica Lawson

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Monica Lawson is a Spiritual Advisor and co-author of Chase You with Elizabeth Kendig. A near death experience following a tragic car accident awakened her ability to hear, see, feel, and know the "Other Side." She has had the privilege of giving readings to people from all over the world, in all walks of life, faiths, and belief systems. Her mission is to help people discover their purpose, connect to their spiritual gifts, and co-create a life that leads to more joy.

In this heart to heart conversation, Lee and Monica discuss:

  • (03:07) Her childhood near death experience - the gateway to her invitation to the "Other Side."
  • (09:36) How she is brilliantly stubborn with the "Other Side" - the 3 A's.
  • (15:07) How her readings began and what made her realize she should stop doing them.
  • (18:07) How her book, Chase You, came to be; asking for what she needed, her partnership with co-author Elizabeth, and the creative process as a collaboration.
  • (23:28) Her experience of saying "yes" as an introvert and someone who is private in her work.
  • (40:21) The importance of clearing the energy of a space.

To learn more about her work:

To read her book:

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