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ImportantCool is a worker-owned journalism collective which will radically change the way the news is gathered, presented, and consumed. We will give readers, not editors, control over stories. Patrons will vote on which projects get funded and which get dropped. We are even giving readers the chance to vote on which stories and pictures are included in our dead tree digest, Paper Fetish, and it’s bi-annual photo-special insert, Radical Transparencies. At ImportantCool, you will control the news. In line with our core philosophy of radical transparency, ImportantCool will feature the Artefacts Cave, containing transcripts of interviews, documents, audio recordings, and any additional original source material behind our journalism. Finally, we do not believe that paywalls or other subscription-for-access news sites really do justice to the democratizing power of the internet. Because we believe in your right to know, at ImportantCool our articles, films, cartoons, podcasts, and photo-essays will always be free to access for everyone. Those who go the extra mile and support us will enjoy access and influence even beyond this unprecedented level.

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