Tanya Mckinzie: Helping Create Opportunities for Success

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Indiana Black Expo (IBE) is well known for its Summer Celebration and Circle City Classic fund-raising events. Its work, of course, goes much deeper with business and education conferences, assistance for small businesses, working with youth and families, and much more. Tanya Mckinzie, president and CEO of IBE since 2008, talks about those programs and how some were able to expand in the past year to meet increased needs. She shares her thoughts on the societal and emotional pains of discrimination and racism, the positive coalitions and conversations that have emerged in the past 12 months and the important next steps to turn commitments into action. Yes, she says, economic opportunities are critical, but they are not the full picture for the Black community.
Learn more:
Indiana Black Expo (www.indianablackexpo.com)
Tanya Mckinzie (www.indstate.edu/about/administration/trustees/board-members/tanya-bell)

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