Episode 37: Writing For Travel Channel; Defunct New England Stores; The 27 Club; What Was A Fotomat?; Hagerstown MD(9-16-2021)

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Episode 37 starts with the time I briefly wrote for Travel Channel's website. How did it come about? What were some benefits? What were some problems?
Take a trip back in time and reminisce about some favorite defunct New England based stores. These were all once giants of business but no more. They are collected in the latest Top 5 list.
The epic 2,100-mile Road Trip continues with a stop in Hagerstown, Maryland. Good food, breweries and wineries, hiking, fishing, and historical Civil War sites are just some of what makes up this town.
Go Back In the Day to find out just what in the world a Fotomat was. They once dotted the country by the thousands but advances in photo film development and eventually digital photography made them a part of history.
This Week In History includes the bizarre story of music's 27 Club who added another member this week in history. There is also a new Time Capsule as well.
Be sure to watch for my livestreams called Without A Map Friday's at 8pm on Instagram which serve as a sort of postgame show for the podcast. Find them on IGTV and YouTube after they've finished.
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