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Alexander Farnsworth is a writer, photographer, artist and entrepreneur. He started as an editorial and marketing intern at André Balazs Properties and The Standard and then helped pioneer The Standard’s social media. He went on to be a digital director at Paul Wilmont Agency before starting his own social media agency and then founding Farnsworth Fine Cannabis. Farnsworth Cannabis is a family company, Alexander works alongside his long-term partner, acclaimed fashion designer Adam Lippes, his brothers Brayden and Sterling and his sister Isabella. Alexander and Brayden Farnsworth are descendants of the great American inventor, Philo T. Farnsworth, who is credited with inventing the electronic television. Art director Alexander Farnsworth and American fashion designer Adam Lippes joined forces to launch Farnsworth Fine Cannabis Company, a business created with the idea to make cannabis consumption an easy and elegant experience for everyone. The release of the brand was accompanied by the opening of a beautiful retail store in the Berkshires, and an e-commerce site.

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