Amy Van Dyken-Rouen

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Amy is an Olympic gold medalist in numerous swim events and is in the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the US Olympic Hall of Fame. She has co-hosted a nationally syndicated sports radio show and been a sideline reporter. She also recently covered swim events for the Olympics for NBC. In 2014, Amy was in an ATV accident and severed her spinal chord. Her determination and optimism got her through a near death experience and today the competitive Amy still exists. She competes in cross fit events and trains like she did for the Olympic golds. Amy also is very involved in ADA rights, changing the laws and our consciousness of how to make life easier for people in wheelchairs. Amy says she is working for all those in her world. Amy is married to ex-Denver Bronco, Tom Rouen. Heather and Amy talk about it all in a candid and fun conversation.

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