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Deanna Taylor-Heacock opened New Jersey’s first Refill Shop after a 2019 New Year’s Eve family resolution to reduce waste. The Good Bottle combines her passion for low waste living and years of experience in the fashion industry. With stores in Maplewood and Montclair NJ, at the good bottle shop, you will find, unique eco-friendly products that will help you reduce waste, and customers can bring their own containers and refill hand & dish soap, laundry products, cleaning products, bath/body products and pantry items. The Good bottle shop is designed to celebrate what you can do in your home to make a difference in your life and the world, they are changing the way people shop, getting consumers to think differently about how and why they buy household products.

Deanna has helped thousands make their home more sustainable and they have refilled over 30,000 bottles that would have ended up in landfills. Hear her amazing eco-hacks for helping to save the planet!

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